American Leadership

We encourage you to lead by example. Join us in strengthening small American communities through our local projects. We believe supporting industry helps small neighborhoods compete, and adapt to the fast-paced change of today’s business climate.

The Sign Project

When I returned from the city to my hometown , I was shocked to see how many private and public businesses had outdated or inoperable signage. Retail signage is the first thing people see in a neighborhood. Our sign project selects local businesses for sign upgrades. A new sign just may be the lease on life a business needs today. We work to strengthen American community leaders by helping their business attract new clients. A vibrant downtown American community is good industry.




The Christmas Project


Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Families come together and the season is for giving. Each December we work to spread Christmas cheer through gifting holiday decorations to communities under 10,000. Providing excess “spirit” allows more local neighborhoods to celebrate Christmas, an American tradition. Greater light displays strengthens local tourism and helps the local industry. Leadership starts at home, in small, strong, American communities.




Leadership 101



We’ve heard it before, ‘follow the wise’. We are here to remind you; find them, follow them. They are leaders.


Emotional Intelligence

Put political correctness back into a little tiny box where it belongs. Exercise intelligence.



There is someone willing to go against the grain; encourage individual thought.


Personal Responsibility

Create a high standard and ensure your freedom. You are responsible, what are you going to do about it?



At the end of the day, family matters most. Strengthen bonds and encourage love, support family.



Because it is the opposite of hate.  Period.