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American Industrialist

I am doing this out of respect for individual thought and to create industry for small communities. We inspire leadership at American Industrialist; it is our responsibility. Anyone, in any American neighborhood, can join us to lift and inspire others in their own backyard, simply by protecting history in a new fashion.

– Sarah Ness, Founder

Originally, this clothing line was developed for my family. I craved a way to symbolize the truly incredible work it takes to alter one’s life for the better; to embrace the responsibilities of being a leader in America. We work so hard to teach children right from wrong; to lead by example. I am proud of my family for the values they instill in others.

– Sarah Ness, Founder

We collect retired and worn American flags for re-purposed leadership clothing.
You could say our clothing speaks for itself. Each piece of history donated is cataloged, photographed, washed and prepared for design. Our intent is to utilize every part of the fabric possible, while our designers work to create individualized, custom clothing for American leaders throughout the United States of America.

Wear American Industrialist. Know Freedom.

Donate an American flag.

How does it work?

Sarah Ness was born and raised in a small American town, educated in an American University and capitalized in a large American city. After two decades in business and development, Sarah spends her time as an Entrepreneur funding small community projects. She works with her family to finance and execute American neighborhood projects throughout the United States of America. Profits from American Industrialist go directly to highlighting and encouraging grassroots, American leadership.

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